If you don't like the look of zipper stitching, install an invisible zipper. You can install this zipper in most garments, where you want to keep the seam plain and hide the zipper completely.

Installing an invisible zipper can be very intimidating and a little confusing at first. I find that using wonder tape instead of pins to hold the zipper in place makes a huge difference. Using wonder tape makes it so much easier to align the seams. There's nothing worse than installing a zipper then realizing at the end that the seams are crooked. Eek!

You will need:

  • your project
  • invisible zipper
  • zipper foot
  • invisible zipper foot
  • wonder tape (double sided)


1. Press the zipper so that the coils stand away from the tape.

2. Apply wonder tape to both sides of the front of the zipper. Set the zipper aside for now.

3. Finish the raw edges of the seam you are installing the zipper to.

4. Most patterns will indicate where the bottom stop of the zipper will be placed. Clip your project there.

5. Remove wonder tape backing from the left-hand side of the zipper. Place the left-hand side of the zipper on top of the right-hand side of the fabric.

6. Place the left-hand groove of the invisible zipper foot over the coils of the zipper. Slowly stitch the zipper in place.

Keep stitching until the invisible zipper foot touches the pull tabs.

7. Close the zipper, remove the wonder tape backing from the other side, place on top of the other seam, then open the zipper again.

8. Still using the invisible zipper foot, stitch this side now until the foot touches the pull tab.

9. Close the zipper and lay fabric pieces rights sides together. Switch to a regular zipper foot. Move the bottom tape extension to the side and stitch the rest of the seam.

10. Give it a good press when you're finished.