Spring/summer pattern collection on clothstory.com

UPDATE: The leatherworking series has begun. Please check out part 1, 2, 3 + 4. If you are now just joining in, welcome! I'm happy you're here.

I am so excited to be finally writing this blog post today. There are some fun things happening around here within the next couple of months.

March is all about leatherworking on Cloth Story. If you're a total beginner with absolutely no experience with hand-stitching leather goods, great because I gotcha covered! I know how intimidating leatherworking appears. I'm right there with you. At first I thought you had to have all the fancy tools. Let me tell you, you don't. You can absolutely make beautiful leather goods with a minimal number of tools. I've noticed that I pretty much reach for the same ones over and over again. Another thing I was afraid of was cutting into and ruining good leather. But then I noticed that with practice, the techniques are pretty basic. We"ll go over them this month.


  • Leatherworking tools + supplies
  • How to choose + where to buy leather
  • Saddle-stitching two ways
  • How to attach rivets, snaps + buttons
  • How to attach buckles

Plus! We'll work on some DIY projects with tips and techniques mixed in, so you can put what you've learned so far into practice. Sound good? Cool.

The first tutorial starts on Monday, March 7th and will be up on the blog at 9am US/PST. Come join the fun, get inspired, and learn something new! 

Come say hi on Instagram and let me know if you're joining in on this series. Please use the hashtag #clothstorycreative. I'd love to connect with you.