Hey friend, it’s been a while. Today I’m coming back to you with a pattern hack. I’ll show you how to turn a scoop neck tee into a super cute square one.

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Okay so, the square neckline has been everywhere and I’m lov-ing-it. I like what I like and sometimes trending styles inspire me. My DIY brain went bazonkers and I searched my pattern collection for something hackable.

For mine I used the Grainline Studio Lark Tee, but you can use any tee pattern really. Just as long as it’s a knit pattern. I went down a couple sizes because I wanted mine to fit snugly so that it doesn’t bunch up when tucked in jeans. That’s completely optional of course.

For the sake of simplicity, this tutorial will only cover the hacking of the pattern and not the sewing of the garment.

Mmmkay, let’s get this party started!

Note that we’re only going to be working with the ‘front pattern’ of the tee for this hack.


You’ll need:

  • Knit tee pattern

  • Paper (2 pieces of standard printer paper will work)

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Scotch tape


First we’re gonna remove the gaping at the neckline. The pattern that I’m using wasn’t designed to have a snug fitting square neckline, so most likely there will be some gaping there.

How to remove gaping at the neckline

STEP 1. Remove seam allowances at the shoulder and neckline.

STEP 2. Mark 1.5” down the side seam. Draw a line from that mark to the curve of the neckline (green). Draw a second line (red) from the side seam .5” (or however much gaping you need to remove) below the green line.

STEP 3. Cut green line to, not through the side seam, creating a hinge. Bring the green line down to meet the red line. Tape in place.

STEP 4. Re-draw the neckline so that there’s a smooth transition again from center front to the shoulder.


Draft a SQUARE NECKLINE and remove more gaping

STEP 1: Now square the neckline. You can make your square as deep and/or wide as you want it at this point. I went a little too deep and wide with my test version and let’s just say that it was rated R. This mommy needs to pick kids up from school so that one went in my fabric scrap pile.

STEP 2: Mark .25” (or however much gaping you need to remove) down from the shoulder along the neckline. Cut this little wedge off.

STEP 3: Add the seam allowances back at the shoulder and neckline. Done!

Okay well, not quite yet… Now decide how you want to finish your neckline. I bound mine with self fabric. I cut a 2” wide strip of main fabric to the measurement of the front and back neckline plus 6” for wiggle room. I think it came out looking profesh.

Another nice way to finish the neckline is with a facing.


Super easy right? Okay my friend. I want to see your version. Use the hashtag #clothstoryproject and tag me @cloth_story on Instagram.

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